Occupational Therapy Services

Mary specializes in outpatient care, treating clients who suffer with limitations in movement and pain management due to migraine headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and pelvic floor rehabilitation

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s find out.  Contact Mary with your insurance information.  After connecting with your carrier she will let you know your eligibility for “Outpatient Occupational Therapy Services”.

Your first session will be the initial evaluation.  Please bring your insurance card  and any pertinent medical information such as medication list and MRI reports.

The process begins by sharing your health history and concerns with Mary.  Together you will formulate a goal-orientated holistic treatment plan for recovery.  Private one-on-one sessions, on a regular basis, develops an active trust that grows into positive change in your health.

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“Mary helped me with creative and out of the box stretches and tools to release my hip muscles. My pelvic tone is mostly even now. My right hip pain has greatly diminished, there are many days that I have no pain in my hip at all. It’s so great to have qualified people in your corner that listen to you, have a wide breadth of knowledge and that aren’t afraid to try new things.”
Jamie Larson
“I appreciated Mary’s thoroughness and focus on great alignment and form. I have been doing yoga for years, and have found that no matter my depth of knowledge and/or ability, a great instructor is always able to teach you something new.  Mary did that for me and I got so much out of her classes that I was able to apply to advance my personal yoga practice.”
Pamela McKinley
“The Vibrant Living Course” targeted many areas that resonated with me.  Learning better habits and healthy aging has really helped me find the balance I need.”
Tina Hayden
“After 70 physical therapy sessions, years of pain and loss of the full use of my arm, my pain clinic suggested Mary.  I wish I had known about Mary years ago! Five years at a standstill and now full mobility, no pain medications and only some lifting weakness- Now that I can Live with!”
Judy Adkins